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23.06.2015 by Lukasz Pielak

Babun 1.2.0 was just released at #DevoxxPL! We added the following:

Brand new 'shell-here' plugin

Now you can open babun directly in any folder by right clicking your mouse and choosing the Open Babun here option.

You don’t want to have that option in your windows context menu? No problem, just execute babun shell-here remove.

~/.local/bin and ~/bin added to the PATH

In 1.2.0 we added a ~/.local/bin and a symlink ~/bin pointing to ~/.local/bin to the PATH.

We added ACK - the better grep

Ack is a grep replacement designed for developers. Now instead of typing

$ grep pattern $(find . -name '*.pl' -or -name '*.pm' -or -name '*.pod' | grep -v .svn)

you can type

$ ack --perl pattern

For details visit

We replaced the cygwin’s ping with the windows ping

Why? Because Cygwin’s ping requires admin rights to be executed. Besides the windows ping supports IPv6. The cygwin’s ping was renamed to cygping.

We added uninstall.bat script

It is stored in Babun’s installation directory. It makes sure that all footprints left by plugins (such as registry entries) are deleted when babun is uninstalled.

Full list of changes

  • crontab weirdness #212

  • Cygwin’s ping does not work without admin rights #300

  • find 'cygdrive/j' : Permission denied #282

  • BABUN_HOME not always set #298

  • "Open Shell Here" context menu fails to work with Babun #183

  • ConEmu 'Here' Integration #291

  • Add ack tool to the package, see #306

  • Race Condition in Babun Startup #332

  • Add ~/.local/bin to PATH variable #325

  • Babun uninstall script #324